Friday, 18 January 2008



When we arrived at the wood yesterday, we found our shelter had fallen down - however, this was not due to the weather (for once!), but was because someone had cut the ropes holding the tarpaulin up. The same had been done to a bird hide in our neighbour's wood. As yet, we don't know if it was kids messing around or someone who felt strongly about changes in what they see as "their" woods. We're happy to share them with people, for example dog walkers, so incidents like this are annoying, as we know that the majority of people walking there are responsible. Anyway, here's a couple of photos of the damage:

In other news:
- We've met up with Tim, a local forestry worker who we hope to be able to co-operate with in future. He's a really nice chap and doing things exactly the way we want to - with sustainability in mind.
- I've finally taken the time to figure out the RAW conversion software for my camera, so I can take better pictures now. Not that it'll show on the blog, as the resolution is too low, but it'll be useful if we go ahead with our ideas to print some to make into pictures or cards.


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