Monday 19 September 2011

GoPro timelapse: chainsawing firewood

Yesterday I took a timelapse video using my GoPro while loading up one of our firewood processing racks, then chainsawing the rack and loading the logs into the trailer. You can watch it in 1080p HD if you like! Enjoy...


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Thursday 15 September 2011

Timelapse video: moving firewood

Yesterday I went to the wood after work to collect some firewood, and thought I'd try out my GoPro in timelapse mode. I wish it was this quick to load the trailer in real life...

I also left the camera outside in the back garden for a bit to make a video of the clouds in the sky. Not original, I know, but it kind of has to be done!

I'm looking forward to making timelapse videos of working in the wood this autumn, and next time there's a big thunderstorm brewing I'll be straight out there with the camera!

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Tuesday 13 September 2011

London to Brighton bike ride 2011

Well, the bike ride was Sunday, and it all went well - despite it lashing down with rain as we set off from Rye! We had a generally dry ride, with quite a bit of sunshine, and completed it with no major problems. It was just under 52 miles in total, and Rob and I did it in just over 4.5 hours of actual cycling, or a bit over 5.5 hours if you include lunch, and other short breaks like stopping to help someone fix a broken chain. Many thanks to Tracy and Ros for driving us there and helping us back as well. And thanks to everyone who sponsored us to raise money for CAP.

I've made a video of the ride using my GoPro camera. The full version is 13 mins and is probably more suited to people who've done the ride themselves, or are going to, and there's also a shorter 6 min version for those who don't want to watch the long one.

Full version:

Short version:


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Saturday 10 September 2011

August camping trips in the wood

Wow, that was a busy month for camping and visiting the wood! I think we had a total of four camping trips with various people, and numerous other day/evening visits as well. I'll start with a few of the group photos that often get taken...

Metal detecting with my brother Andy, nephew Joshua, and friend Matt with his family:


Friends from work, some of whom camped:

Friends from Rye:

Friends from Sidley:

We also had a visit from the Udimore Gardeners Club (link with photos)

Every visit that includes some hours of darkness now includes using the rope swing in the dark, which is quite a surreal experience. Here's our friends Josh and Ben having a go!


Toasting marshmallows round the fire has also been popular, as well as setting fire to sticks and waving them around...

One benefit this summer has been our supercharged fire pit. I posted a few weeks ago about how we made it, but now it has a new feature, based on an old PC fan that my friend Olly gave me:
DSC_8684 Fan driven fire-pit

This is powered from the 12V solar PV system that I often take to the woods when we're camping to use for lighting:
DSC_8683 Woodland solar power

The result is an almost smoke-free fire, which can put out a lot of heat, or be small and controlled for cooking:

We've done a few jobs over the summer too, such as moving logs and making racks to store them in:


Cutting chunks off a tree butt to use as a work surface back at the campsite:




and also relocating the toilet, where my brother Andy helped with the digging:

and my nephew Joshua checked the new hole was deep enough:

The old toilet is safely filled in and the new one ready for use now:


Joshua had a really good time in the woods, and it was his first ever camping trip! So everything was new, from where he ate breakfast...

To having to scare things away...

And one day when we popped back to the house for a shower (we thought 4 days without one might not be a good idea...) the excitement overcame him...

He also really enjoyed playing with Matt and Anita's son Ishan when they came to stay for one of the nights:


The metal detecting (see the first picture in this post) yielded some great results:

The trawl includes a shell from a WW2 plane (unexploded, so it's been carefully disposed of now)

and two 20mm shell casings, probably from a Spitfire:


Here's the three of them side by side:

We saw lots of wildlife during August too, though most of it when Tracy and I were there on our own, as 3 and 4 year old boys don't usually play quietly! Here's a few pics...

A caterpillar (Pale Tussock moth?)

a Speckled Wood butterfly:
DSC_8696 speckled wood butterfly

a Gatekeeper butterfly:

One of many large beetles, which are now dying by the dozen as Autumn approaches:

a dragonfly:


a Robin, flitting around the trees in the wayleave:

which coincidentally looks great on a summer morning:

I was particularly pleased with these pics of a Wood Pigeon, which has been making a nest near our camp (they nest all year if they think they can):





And last but not least, we discovered a second Alder Buckthorn tree (well, shrub at present), this time along the public footpath. This is good as it's the food plant of the Brimstone caterpillar - and I was pleased to see some leaves had been eaten!


Well that's the story for August. I'm doing my London-Brighton bike ride soon, so after that I'll have more time for blogging as I won't be training!


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Monday 5 September 2011

GoPro helmet-cam cycling

Just a quick post - I tried my GoPro camera mounted on my bike helmet yesterday. It works well, with less vibration than when mounted on the bike. One downside though - I seem to cycle with my head slightly to one side! Anyway, here's the video, with another 40mph descent of Battery Hill:

I think it actually looked faster when mounted on the forks though, as the camera was lower:

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