Saturday 15 February 2014

Rough seas and a flooded woodland

With the weather over the past couple of months, it's not surprising that parts of the wood are under water, such as this bit just the other side of the wayleave:

DSC_7761 Woodland floods

DSC_7762 Woodland floods

Over in Chestnut Coppice, the stream is in full flow:
DSC_7767 Woodland floods

The sump before the culvert has a proper little waterfall:
DSC_7765 Woodland floods

Although the water was all going through the culvert on this visit, the strip clear of leaves shows that it has gone over the top at times too!
DSC_7764 Woodland floods

Down in Rye Harbour Nature Reserve today the sea was pretty rough (for our part of the English Channel at least). Nothing like they've had in Cornwall thankfully!

Looking forward to some nicer weather, whenever that arrives... even snow would be better than what we've had I think!


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