Thursday 7 August 2014

Winter firewood all prepared

The winter's firewood is now ready! It only took us 5-6 hours to fill the remaining half of our store at the woods, using the new equipment we now have. Step one was to load the seasoned wood into the arbor trolley:


Next, wheel the trolley round to a suitable location and then the wood and be quickly transferred to the Truncator a few pieces at a time:


Position a wheelbarrow and cut off any long bits poking off the end of the Truncator:


Then move along and use the chainsaw to cut through the gaps in the Truncator:


Push the wheelbarrow along and tip the logs in (in practice Tracy was pushing the barrow while I tipped them):


Then take the wheelbarrow to the nearby log store and stack the logs - Tracy was doing this while I was loading the next batch of wood into the Truncator and sawing it - we had two wheelbarrows so we could both keep busy.


We got most of it done in an afternoon, then popped up the next morning for a couple of hours to finish the job:


There was still a bit of space in the log store at home, so after stowing the bench in the trailer, we mounted the Truncator on the side of it and loaded some more logs:


Then followed exactly the same process as before, but with the logs ending up in the trailer:




As the Truncator was securely strapped down, we were able to just drive off when we were done, and sort everything out when we got home. Nice to have that job finished! :-)


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