Sunday 12 October 2008

BBC Countryfile magazine

Yesterday we were interviewed by Miriam O'Reilly for the BBC Countryfile magazine, as they're doing an article on people buying woodland and working it. It all went well, she asked lots of good questions and we look forward to seeing the article. A photographer, Adrian Arbib, came with her, and he stopped for a while afterwards to chat with us as he was particularly interested in what we were doing. We had a good chat about the current events in energy and finance, and why owning a wood was a good idea because of them.

I didn't take many photos as we were busy, but here's a great one of a spider web with dew on it first thing:
After they'd gone we did a bit of work, mainly splitting some of the birch we'd already felled and stacking it to dry. I did the big bits with the maul (splitting axe), while Tracy did some smaller bits with the froe and mallet.
We sharpened our chainsaws too (always much nicer to do this outdoors), as we're going on a coppice harvesting course all this week, to learn some new techniques. I hope to do a few posts covering what we're learned. We're doing the course with David Rossney of Esus Forestry, who trained us both in chainsaw use and tree felling.


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