Wednesday 4 February 2009

Radio 4 "Costing the Earth" interview us

Yesterday afternoon, Tom Heap (presenter) and Martin Poyntz-Roberts (producer) visited us in the wood to interview us about wood-fuel and owning a woodland. The programme will go out later this year in the next series of Costing the Earth, on BBC Radio 4.

There was still quite a lot of snow on the ground when they arrived, which made for some good crunchy footsteps for the radio!
Tracy wasn't at all convinced by the microphone and recording equipment:
so she left me to do most of the talking! A lot of it was technical stuff on using wood as fuel for heating, so it was more my department anyway...
Seeing is it was radio, they wanted some sound effects, so I felled a small stem for them, while Martin recorded the noise of the chainsaw:
then Tom came and got his hands dirty, using a billhook to sned the stem I'd felled:
He also had a go cleaving and splitting with the maul (he was very good at this):
Martin was very pleased with the sound effects he got from both of these activities! It was interesting doing an interview for radio - you have to be really quiet when they're trying to get a recording of something specific, and think about how you're describing things so that people will know what you're talking about even when they can't see it!


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Rev. Peter Doodes said...

fantastic and well deserved! Please keep us all posted as to when the recording will go out.