Sunday, 9 August 2009

The Defender has arrived!

We collected our Land Rover Defender on Friday! The 25 mile drive home helped me get used to it, and on Friday evening Tracy drove it out to Dungeness to get some practice on quieter roads. While out there I thought it would be get a few photos...
There's quite a bit of space in the back, either for stuff or for people:
and if we run out of space there's always room for one more on the front:
I took it up to the wood yesterday, and found it drove very nicely there, even round the sharper bends inside the wood, and was easy to reverse, as the low-ratio gearbox lets you creep along and take your time. I didn't get any pictures up there as I was busy re-tuning my chainsaw, after dismantling and cleaning the carburettor - it hadn't been running too well, but rather than take it to the shop and pay them to fix it, I thought it would be better to spend the money on a workshop manual for it and a digital tachometer. Seems the decision was right, as it's running nicely again now!


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