Saturday, 3 October 2009

Last day with the Peplers

Wednesday was the last full day my parents and sister were here, and we spent it in the woods. The first job was to fill the trailer with a load of logs, and my Dad expertly reversed the land rover and trailer up the track through the woods.
We think next time we'll try coming in forwards though, and turning round somewhere, as that should be quicker.

This is the first time we've cut up one of the racks of logs we built from last year's coppicing. We secured the logs with a ratchet strap as usual:
Then it was time for me to fit a 28" chainsaw bar, in place of the 15" bar I use for coppicing:
Now that's a proper chainsaw!
Everyone got their ear protectors on...
and then it was time to start cutting:
Unfortunately the posts on this rack had splayed out a little, so I had to work hard to get the saw to cut through the whole width - I've made an adjustment to the design of this year's racks as a result.
Before long we had a trailer full of logs: Then it was back out of the wood again, this time with nearly a tonne of logs behind us:
After lunch we went over to the area in Sweep Wood (my parents' patch) where we'll be coppicing this autumn. Dad and I started building some racks ready to store logs in (one of them we relocated from the stack of logs we'd just cut up).
They're right at the top of the wood, near some houses - it's strange to be so close to civilisation while working in the wood!

Meanwhile Tracy felled some small trees to clear a path for the proper felling when it starts, and my Mum and Cath did some too:
We finished up by cooking dinner, and I chucked a few logs into the woodgas stove to make a mini campfire for us.Mike

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