Saturday 5 December 2009

More birds and some interesting Sycamore

The rest of this week was just more coppicing, straightforward stuff with no need for ropes. Robin was with us again, though this time he thought he'd explore the land rover and the tool belt:
and of course, come to eat the crumbs we "accidentally" dropped...
Once again, he wasn't the only bird around - a Pheasant exploded out of a tree, along with a pigeon, and then set to prowling around the area we've been working:
One of the Sycamore we coppiced had a really interesting pattern inside it, so I cut several slices off and we'll see if we can do something with them. I'm assuming it's a fungal growth of some kind:
That tree came out of the area I'm working in that's dense with Holly - I've not included another picture, as you can't see any progress, despite a number of trees coming out already!

Tracy, on the other hand, has created a nice space to fell into further down the hill:
The trees at the top of the hill had been felled up the hill, then stacked near the top. But now we're moving down the hill, there's no question of moving the logs that far up the hill, so it's easier to fell them down it now.

One last little oddity - the tree near the top that looks like a kind of plum has blossomed - but only on one branch! This happens to be the branch that was nearest to a fire we had there a couple of months ago - we're wondering if the heat tricked it into flowering?

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