Monday 11 January 2010

Woodland snow scenes

With all the snow there's been over the past week, there's been some great opportunities to get pictures in the wood, so here they are.

The wayleave:
The footpath, running along the border of Smock and Sail Wood:
Various views in Chestnut Coppice:
And over in Sweep Wood, we got pictures of the sign on Friday and Sunday - look at the difference!
The tracks are deep with snow - up to six inches in places:
We did a lot of bird feeding:
We waited around one of the feeding stations, and were quickly rewarded by ravenous birds - I got pictures of a Great Tit, a female Blackbird and a Nuthatch:
The snow is slowly thawing now, but we'll keep feeding the birds until its gone.



ramblingwoods said...

Thank you for feeding the birds.. We have had a very cold and snowy winter here in NY and I do feed the birds... Lovely walk in the snowy woods...My Festival of The Trees Post..Herbie The Elm Tree

Caroline Gill said...

Great photos: I particularly like the Nuthatch. They tend to be shy, and therefore hard to photograph well. Bet you were pleased with these shots. Am enjoying my FOTT ramble through the snow!

Jacqueline said...

Festival of the Trees is like an arm-chair trip around the world. Your post and photos are wonderful for a person like me who hasn't really seen snow (just a ziff of snow), loves trees, nature, birds & photography. Very satisfying for me. Thanks for the great post. It's a beautiful place in the world.

Suzi Smith said...

lovely photos... especially those close ups of the birds. just on my festival of trees wander!