Thursday, 11 February 2010

More snow!

As snow was forecast for the next few days, I thought I would nip up to the wood to feed the birds. Well, as I arrived it snowed so heavily! Really cold, really pretty and I could hardly see! You can tell how hard it is falling by how white it gets by the time I walked through to our cant (area) with the bird feeder.

I decided that the only way the birds would find the crushed up fat balls would be to put them under some kind of a shelter, so I used this old box lid to create and covering. Not sure how long it will last but hopefully it will help a little.
The only birds I saw were at the top of the wood, delighted with what I left them. Robin, blackbird and great tit came down very quickly!

The most exciting thing though, was seeing the first blue bell leaves pushing their way up. It was getting too wet to take out the camera for another photo, but the bluebell leaves are a couple of inches above the ground. Can't wait to see them all in their full splendour soon. Our Lord is amazing in his creativity!


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