Sunday 13 March 2011

Spring flowers in the wood

As far as I'm concerned, Spring is now here:


They're Wood Anemones, just starting to flower in Sweep Wood, in a patch where we coppiced the trees just over a year ago. Nearby were also some Primroses flowering:

There's garden escapees as well, like daffodils:

and this - not sure what it is?

The plum tree at the top of the hill is flowering too:

and there's some really impressive Lords and Ladies coming on:

In the area we coppiced this winter, there's a visible increase in the greening of the woodland floor just over the past two weeks. Here the older one, followed by one from this weekend:


Finally, back at home, our cockatiels have decided that to celebrate Spring they will desert their cage and live on a bookshelf from now on:



Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, great to spring's really underway. I think your unidentified plant is some kind of lamium but couldn't tell you which one for sure!

Anonymous said...

Enjoying your blog. It's my Monday lunchtime ritual to see a few photos of where I'd rather be than sitting at a desk! I would suggest (and agree with Jo) that the unidentified plant is Lamium galeobdolon aka Yellow Archangel. It is, I believe, non-native; there are numerous cultivars. Grows like fury, can be invasive but doesn't seem to smother other plants too much. Easily pulled up if it gets out of hand, but just about impossible to eradicate in my experience.
Cheers! John

Mike Pepler said...

I'll keep an eye on this plant then. It should get shaded out once the coppice closes canopy anyway.

Tim said...

Yes it is Yellow Archangel (also known locally as stinking monks truncheon). Hold on with Spring. Last year on the 27th March it snowed! It was 19 degrees 6 days later though.

Mike Pepler said...

We've had snow in April before as well! Still Spring in my view though - went there today and loads of plants coming into leaf, even saw a butterfly!