Saturday 23 April 2011

Move logs while the sun shines

OK, I know you're meant to make hay while the sun shines, but we don't have any hay, it's too early in the year, and this weather is great for moving logs. In the winter we leave the logs stacked near where they are felled to start seasoning, as moving them straight out of the wood would make a real mess of the tracks.


But now it's been (abnormally) dry here for weeks, the tracks are firm enough to drive on without making a mess, so it's back to this game again...

Back near the camp, we laid out some bearers on one of the old rides we wont need to drive on:

and stacked the wood as it came down, here's the result of four trips in the land rover:

To the left of the oak tree you can see a pile of smaller wood that we sorted while unloading - this will be for making kindling.

The woodland itself is greening up at an incredible rate:

and the few pears we're permitting one of our trees to grow are coming on OK:

Sadly, there's another reason for moving logs right now - we're selling the land rover and our little Aygo, and buying a more efficient 4x4 so we can just have a single car. I'll really miss the land rover, as it great for jobs like moving logs, but having moved house we've decided we need the space saved by having a single car, and it'll save us paying two lots of insurance and servicing, even if we do spend a bit more on fuel as a result of the Aygo going.


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