Monday 11 July 2011

An improved fire pit

I went to the woods to work yesterday after church, as it was a beautifully sunny day and there were jobs to be done. One of them was a fun job though - improving the fire pit at our camp site ready for use over the summer. Some time ago I'd tried burying a metal pipe to allow you to blow air in to the base of the fire to get it going, but it never really made a lot of difference as it was too small. Well, now there's a bigger pipe:


To help avoid it getting clogged with leaves and other debris, I've put bricks round the intake:

From there it slopes gently uphill into the fire:

The plan is that this will deliver a lot of air so that the fire will be less smoky - we'll get to test it out soon I expect, as we have various friends visiting over the summer. I've still left air gaps in the bricks round the edge as well so there's air from the side too:

I was doing some other jobs too, such as collecting materials to continue with the firewood shelter back at home:


and also processing some firewood for this winter:


Pics of flowers and a wasp nest coming up in the next post...


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