Sunday 5 February 2012

Snow in Rye, Feb 2012

Ever since we moved to Rye in summer 2007, it's snowed every winter. The weather has not let us down this winter either...

snow in rye DSC_3248_1

snow in rye DSC_3249_1

This time the snow has stuck to everything it can - check out these telephone wires sagging...
snow in rye DSC_3252_1

snow in rye DSC_3253_1

snow in rye DSC_3254_1

and these trees and shrubs too:
snow in rye DSC_3257_1

snow in rye DSC_3263_1

The river Tillingham was frozen over:
snow in rye DSC_3262_1

and I just about got a picture of this Bullfinch there:
snow in rye DSC_3260_1

Then on to Deadmans Lane, which always looks good in the snow. This time though, the stickiness of the snow means that two branches from evergreens were down in the road:
snow in rye DSC_3271_1

snow in rye DSC_3270_1

The broadleaf trees are fine, as with no leaves they can't collect much snow:
snow in rye DSC_3267_1

And finally Rye Hill, which is passable if you know how to drive in snow. But of course, not everyone does!


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