Friday 29 June 2012

Stein Arbor-Trolley - a neat way of moving logs!

Moving logs (or brash) around in a woodland is often a big job, we've tend to drag logs by hand to a stack near where they are felled, and then in the summer use a trailer with our 4x4 to move them back to our main storage area. However, there's still room for improvement, both in terms of efficiency and reducing the amount of driving a vehicle through the woods - so we've recently bought this Stein Arbor-Trolley, which is ideal for moving small loads of logs, brash or anything you can strap onto it:

IMG_1691 Stein Arbor-Trolley

I've made a video review of it:

You can extend the sides upwards, as below, to let you carry more. I found that with freshly felled logs there was no need for this, as the trolley got heavy enough before the logs were at risk of falling off. For moving seasoned logs though (which we tried yesterday), you can put double or triple the number of logs in, so the side supports are very useful then.
IMG_1699 Stein Arbor-Trolley

IMG_1698 Stein Arbor-Trolley

Here's a view of the main trolley - it's very solidly built! You can see a small bracket at the bottom of the far end - this is useful when you want to tip it up to load or unload a large log.
IMG_1695 Stein Arbor-Trolley

Here's the attachment for the handle to tow the trolley - there are three positions to use, the longer ones allowing longer logs to be carried and giving you more leverage, but reducing mobility:
IMG_1694 Stein Arbor-Trolley

Both the handle and the wheels are attached with these neat pins:
IMG_1693 Stein Arbor-Trolley

It can carry up to 500kg, according to this sticker. There's not actually any instructions though, I guess it's just a standard sticker.
IMG_1697 Stein Arbor-Trolley

Finally, here's the specification sticker. Nice to see it's made in the UK! The trolley weighs 36kg.
IMG_1696 Stein Arbor-Trolley

We've used it twice now, and found it certainly saves us a lot of time, and is well worth the money!


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