Sunday, 21 April 2013

Stein pole kit review - for forestry, arborists

Having seen the video review I made after buying a Stein Arbor Trolley, Fletcher Stewart have kindly sent me a Stein 'pole kit' to review. This is a set of 4' and 6' fibreglass poles which can be connected together and have an attachment on the end, such as a saw, loppers or a pole pick. It's a nice set of kit, very solidly built and useful - here's the video, photos follow further down:

Here's a few stills of the components:
DSC_6314 Stein pole kit and attachments

DSC_6310 Stein pole saw attachment

DSC_6308 Stein pole lopper attachment

DSC_6306 Stein pole pick attachment



Unknown said...

looks a great bit of kit, great informative review too, if I may add, a safer way of putting the poles together, especially if windy, is to place the pole with attachment against the tree, push up to head height, still with attachment laying on the trunk, and then add sections from the bottom as you push up, it saves having to raise 20ft of pole from the horizontal to the vertical, less stress on the poles and joints, and safer for yourself or others, its what we do with wasp poles or drey poking poles

Mike Pepler said...

Good idea, that would certainly be a better way of getting the poles up!