Thursday, 27 June 2013

EWB Imperial College students visiting the woods

It's become traditional for a group of students from Imperial College involved with the charity Engineers Without Borders to come for a camping trip in the woods each year, but this time they couldn't come in March so it ended up happening in June instead - which was probably a good thing, as it was snowing in March!

I didn't have any major building projects for them to get involved with this year, but that left time for various other activities, such as making wooden mallets and learning to use a chainsaw for logging - under careful supervision! They did give me a hand moving some logs though, which was a huge help!

DSC_6640 moving logs

There was of course plenty of time for camp fires and cooking...

DSC_6637 Camping in the woods

DSC_6633 cooking in the woods

Hope to see some of them again next year!


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