Sunday 24 November 2013

A quick bit of chainsawing in the woods

With the glorious sunshine yesterday afternoon, a quick trip to the woods was in order. The priority was to use the chainsaw to quickly produce some small logs to split up at home for kindling, which was done in pretty short order:

DSC_7533 logs and chainsaw

I also took up a treat for the wild birds, which I'm sure they'll appreciate now the weather is colder...
DSC_7535 wild bird seed

As there was still a bit of daylight left, I popped over to the area I've been coppicing, which is looking pretty barren now the leaves are mostly gone:
DSC_7538 Coppice woodland in autumn

I didn't stop long, but managed to make a small start on the empty log rack I'd left there. These logs should be surplus to requirements, so we're able to sell some in future winters (this year we've only got enough to heat our own place...).
DSC_7541 freshly felled logs

It was pleasing to see that the logs in the rack I filled back at the start of September have already started showing signs of seasoning, with a few of them developing splits in the ends:
DSC_7545 logs seasoning

DSC_7547 logs seasoning

Looking forward to burning them in a couple of years!


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