Wednesday 30 July 2014

Shelter building in the woods

Last weekend I went to help a friend build a shelter in his woods, so he has a space to store the basics when he visits to manage the woodland this coming winter. We started by using a post driver to bang in some stakes:


Then attached cross-beams to these:

Everything up to this point had been Sweet Chestnut, but at this point a bit of purchased sawn timber was used:


The final step was to nail on some roof panels he'd bought, and use some recycled desk tops to make the walls:

There's a plan to 'clad' it with some dead branches to improve the aesthetics, but at least there's something to keep the rain off a few odds and ends now!

After the work, we rewarded ourselves with a dinner round a camp fire...

It was really good to be able to apply some of what I'd learned by building our own shelters in the past, of which there've been several versions...


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