Monday 26 September 2016

The start of this year's coppicing

We made a start on this year's coppicing! The first job was to cut back the side of the track passing through the wayleave, so we can get the car in:

2016-09-17 13.51.38

2016-09-17 14.38.33

This is the area we're cutting, starting at the corner where the footpath meets the wayleave, and running alongside the wayleave in a strip:

Here's the same shot after the first day's work, which was mainly spent clearing back small stuff at the edge of the footpath and building a couple of racks to store the cut wood in:

I did manage to make a small start filling them though, one of Birch:

and one of Sweet Chestnut:

There's a bit more light getting in already!

One interesting thing I found was an old tree stump which we'd left when coppicing the footpath edge here 8 years ago. It had become detached from the roots, so I'm taking it home to clean up as it looks nice:


Back for more progress on the coppicing soon...


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