Saturday 16 April 2022

Final days at Dungeness, and a new job!

It's taken me a while to get round to this post, but things have been busy! The day after I finished my fixed-term part-time job as a Ranger at Dungeness, I put in an application for another job, and am now on the point of finishing work at Ashden after over 15 years there! I'll be working at Citizens Advice 1066, leading on energy efficiency and energy advice projects. Part-time though, so I still have time to spend in the woods, of course.

But let's get back to my final days doing the Ranger job. Despite being mid-winter, there were still some nice days in December as the end of my contract neared:
2021-12-28 14.54.35

I'll certainly miss spending long days in the unique shingle environment there, which looks barren but is incredibly diverse when it comes to plants, insects and birds.
2022-01-03 14.07.17

2022-01-02 15.23.35

I did have a special treat in my final week there, with this bin lorry managing to get stuck: 

A breakdown truck came to help get it out, and it got stuck too....

Quite spectacularly stuck! People don't seem to realise that the shingle goes down for many metres...

It took a second breakdown truck to pull the first one out, and between them they got the bin lorry out too, several hours after it got stuck!

I can of course go back to Dungeness any time I like, and one of my first trips there after finishing was to try some night-time photography. This is Orion, from the end of the boardwalk at the Point of Dungeness, taken using multiple exposures combined into one image using Deep Sky Stacker:
Orion, from Dungeness

And then a few shots around Dungeness, showing the lighthouses, power station and some other buildings:



And finally, I popped back in late February to see what Storm Eunice at done to the Dungeness A power station!
2022-02-27 15.41.35
News from the woods coming up next... Mike

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