Tuesday 31 August 2010

Eco-refurbishment - cavity wall insulation

Last week we had cavity wall insulation installed. It's well worth anyone doing, as there's grants available in the UK (some people even get it completely free!), and even if there weren't it would pay for itself in heating costs within a couple of years. Make sure you get it done by a reputable installer though - ask your local council who they use. Our installers turned up early morning, and unloaded bales of insulation material:

These are fed into a machine in the back of the installers' van, which shreds the material...

and blows it down a hose into the wall:

Before filling the walls the installers drilled a couple of holes with a core drill and put in vents. One is required to let air in for the wood stove we're having installed shortly, and the other is to provide ventilation for the place where I'm planning to install a lead-acid battery to connect to solar panels for off-grid electricity.

We've also had our new water cylinder arrive, which has two coils in it - one for the wood stove's boiler, and another for solar water heating, which will also be coming soon. For now though, it's just sitting in a bedroom waiting for the plumber...


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1 comment:

Julian Kross said...

With wall insulation, you can not just save a big bucks but can also help save the mother earth. Great job! :)