Tuesday 10 August 2010

Family visit to the woods

This week my parents and my sister Cath were in town for a couple of nights, and as it was sunny one of the days, we went for a visit to the woods, and my Dad took some photos...
It was the first time they'd seen the regrowth at the top of Sweep Wood, with the Ash, Elder and Chestnut doing exceptionally well:
There's a whole range of plants growing up there, and the insects are loving the thistles, including this Large White and Meadow Brown:
There's a few garden escapees as well, and I think this is the first time I've seen a tomato plant growing wild!
Our walk in the woods continued on, investigating animal borrows:
and trying out the new bridge over the stream:
We came across what I think was an egg from a Wood Pigeon:
Then we were back at the camp, where there were some logs we'd left lying around after splitting, as we heard Cath was keen to do some work up there! So we set her on them...
as a result, the store is now nearly full!

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Anonymous said...

You are giving me inspiration to complete our wood store for the coppiced wood from 18 months ago. Cheers, Dave Howells