Friday 5 November 2010

Trees into products

We had a productive day on Wednesday, felling a line of coppice stools across the width of the strip we are working. You can see the fresh stumps on two of the stools below:


Obviously our main product is wood to heat our home, and the stacks of logs are filling up nicely now:

But we've also been making stakes. Some of these are for making more log racks, some have gone to a friend's local allotment patch, and some are for another friend, to help keep their pigs in the right place, and also build a firewood store:

In the middle of the strip we're working, there's one strange tree...

It is of course the tree for attaching straps to, to make felling benches. Although we've finished with it for now, I'm not cutting it down to ground level yet, as we'll use it again when we fell these edge trees in a week or two:

I've already picked another one higher up to leave for making benches, but this time we're leaving a whole tree, to grow into a large chestnut, hopefully:

Here's the current state of progress:

Quite a change compared to when we started!

And don't worry, the trees will all grow back, and it will look amazing by July 2011!


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