Monday 20 December 2010

Working in the snow-covered woods

Coppicing in the snow's not that bad, and it's better than rain and mud! The snow's not actually that slippery, as it's been so cold it's got a frozen crust on it.

Today Holly was visiting (mainly to avoid being at home while cleaning was in progress I think!), and she found that she was very good at splitting logs with wedges and a hammer:


Of course, I was playing the critical role of supervisor while she was working hard! ;-)


Yesterday, Holly's dad, Carl, was also in the woods. He's just done his chainsaw training, so was eager to come and knock some trees over. Here he is striping some logs after felling - and it was while looking at this picture that I realised that Carl, Tracy and I all have blue chainsaw trousers, orange helmets and Husqvarna chainsaws - at a glance we all look quite similar!

With the cold weather, it was nice to have a fire lit:

I said LIT!

That's better, nice and warm, if you're near enough!

The only visual downside of working in the snow is you can see how much mess you make when felling several trees into the same space through the day:

Well, it's sleeting/raining right now in Rye, though I think it will be snowing further inland - not sure what will be happening at the wood, but we'll find out soon enough.


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