Monday 21 May 2012

My YouTube videos have passed 1,000,000 views!

Bit of a landmark passed in the past few days - the total number of views of all our videos on YouTube have passed one million! Thanks for viewing.... :-)

Here's the top ten since we started....

Cockatiels that think they are eagles: 195,031 views

Tree felling using a "boring" cut: 159,604 views

Tree felling using a "Danish Pie Cut": 137,547 views

Woodgas camp stove demo: 112,627 views

Pedley wood water wheel: 61,042 views

Chainsaw sculpture: making a stool from a log: 48,563 views

Bulk firewood processing with a Husqvarna 570 chainsaw: 33,804 views

Using a chainsaw at 2 years old: 27,529 views

Tractor with forestry harvesting head attached: 26,520 views

Review: Woodgas MEGA Outdoor Fireplace: 19,518 views


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