Sunday 6 May 2012

Woodland bluebells 2012

With the wet weather and general busyness it's been a couple of weeks since we made it to the wood, but today I was up there with a friend and had time to check out this year's bluebells, which are looking as good as ever. Here's a selection...

DSC_3945 bluebells

DSC_3948 bluebells

DSC_3944 bluebells

I also saw some fresh evidence of wild boar digging as well:
DSC_3943 wild boar digging

and in Sweep Wood there are several trees that have blown over in the wind over the past few weeks. They're not obstructing anything, so that's a job for the summer I think... Might make a nice natural clearing I suppose?
DSC_3956 woodland wind damage

DSC_3955 woodland wind damage

Looking up the hill where we cut in 2010/11, there's a profusion of plants growing, so much so that the bluebells don't stand out as much as last year, with all the other stuff growing there:
DSC_3959 bluebells

DSC_3960 bluebells

Here's a slightly different view of the same hill a year ago for comparison:

The bluebells are all still there this year, it's just that you can't see them side-on, so they don't look as impressive as last year when there wasn't much else growing there. It'll be made up for when the foxgloves come out soon I expect...

Last of all, the dead oak at the edge of Sweep Wood really stands out now the surrounding trees have been coppiced:
DSC_3962 dead oak

It'll be interesting to see if we notice any woodpeckers or other birds having a go at it...


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