Saturday 18 August 2012

The day our trailer died...

With the log store nearly full:


we thought we'd get on and move some of last winter's logs to our storage area. All went well at first...

But on the second load, there was a small problem:

The logs had slipped back in the trailer while going over some bumps in the track, and as a result tipped the trailer back - but because the hitch stayed attached, the arm that connects it to the trailer bent:

Meanwhile the back of the trailer got rather bent too...

It's a shame, but we did only pay about £130 for it second hand, over five years ago, so it's done a good job while we've had it. As it was already a bit damaged in some other places, we decided that this was the end for it. We managed to get it straight enough to drive it to the nearest scrap merchant, where we got £8.40 for it.

We've picked a new one to buy, which will be slightly larger and also allow us to drop the front as well as the back, so that logs can be loaded more evenly in future...


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