Thursday 4 October 2012

Moving logs in the rain...

This week the weather has helpfully delivered sunshine on the days I've been working and rain on my days off for work in the woods... So yesterday, despite the rain, I took the trailer to the woods and got on with moving some logs.

This needs doing to get the logs in a place that's dry and windy, and under a tarp, so that they can continue to dry out. I went down to Alex's wood, where I did some work last winter, and collected four trailer loads during the morning and early afternoon, getting a bit damp in the process. One rack had shorter logs, which neatly fitted into the trailer:

DSC_4533 Trailer load of logs

Here's one of the racks I was emptying. As you can see, it was a damp and shady spot, so the wood is a bit damp still - but it won't be burned for another year or two, so there's plenty of time for it to dry out.
DSC_4530 Nearly emtpy log rack

For the first time (for an actual job, rather than testing it) I used the bridge that EWB students built in the woods back in March.
DSC_4536 Moving logs over the woodland bridge

The log trolley also came in handy, moving logs from a rack deeper inside the wood to the trailer, as there's still some tree stumps that prevent me bringing it further inside the wood at present.

There's still some more logs to move, but after that coppicing can start! :-)


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