Sunday 20 January 2013

Snow in the woods Jan 2013

With the snow over the last few days, I did of course have to make a trip to the wood to see how it was looking! I'd been busy at a Recycle Swap Shop earlier on Saturday, and as I had the trailer with me for that, I collected some Holly we'd felled into the garden of a woodland neighbour and headed into the woods with it...

DSC_5533 logs and snow in the woods

There's a moderate amount of snow, but not as much as last winter:
DSC_5543 snow in the woods

DSC_5542 snow in the woods

DSC_5537 logs and snow in the woods

I got the Holly moved onto the stack of green wood, and split up the big lumps - looking forward to burning these heavy logs in a couple of years!
DSC_5539 logs and snow in the woods

Not sure we're going to get any more snow in the coming week or so, but there's still all of February...


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