Sunday 17 October 2010

A sunny Sunday in the woods

We both had an enjoyable and productive day in the woods today, expanding the clear area we're working on in Sweep Wood. At the start of the day trees were still hanging up a bit:



But by the afternoon there was enough space to fell 40 foot trees into:

Sometimes it feels like we're making slow progress, but this is because we're processing every tree as we fell it, cleaning up Hazel stems, converting suitable chestnut into stakes for log stacks to be built over the coming weeks:

and splitting logs that are destined for our wood burner, so that they can start seasoning immediately:

The log stack that was built on Friday is nearly full already!

As we had a fire going to dispose of excess brash, we took up a sweetcorn cob to try a method of cooking Tracy had read about recently. What you do is soak the whole cob in water for half an hour, the chuck it in the fire. We actually rested it on a forked bit of green Hazel, turning it occasionally:

Once the husk starts to blacken, you take it out, and inside is perfectly cooked sweetcorn!

Anyway, here's another update on the view, comparing before we started:

to the end of today:


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