Thursday 14 October 2010

This week in the woods

This week we started coppicing in earnest. We're working from the bottom of the strip between the two fields that border Sweep Wood, up to where we stopped last winter. Here's a view of the area, you can see where we'll be stopping by the light in the distance on the path:


It's a bit of a walk from our camp, so a wheelbarrow comes in handy...

Monday was really great weather, though I did get quite warm!

We're burning some the brash to start with, though later on we hope to pile some of it up as dead hedges, to reduce the smoke pollution and leave some cover for wildlife.

There were a few other jobs to do as well, such as collecting some logs and delivering stakes to a local allotment:

And of course it's now the season for chestnuts:

And fungi too, like this Parasol Mushroom (I think...):

There'll be more posts on the work in the wood over the coming weeks, as we get back into the swing of it.



ą„Rachel said...

I love the photos. Thanks for virtually sharing your little patch of heaven with us :)

Mike Pepler said...

Thanks Rachel, glad you like the pics! Wait till you see what the same patch looks like next summer, it'll be thriving with new plants and the trees re-growing.