Thursday, 31 May 2018

Spring in the woods

As Spring shifts to Summer, here's a few pics from the last couple of months. Spring started cold, and when it did warm up, everything happened in a hurry - we had a great display of Bluebells:


We did of course have a good carpet of Wood Anemone first:

2018-04-13 16.01.07

And shady patches started to appear as the trees overhead came into leaf:


The birds have been busy too, this nesting box we put up has been used:

2018-05-29 11.01.13

And right next to it another bird built a nest, under the edge of the roof of our firewood store:

2018-05-29 11.01.56

As well as the usual work of cutting logs ready for next winter, I also finally got round to winching out two nearly-dead coppice stumps that have always been in the way when turning the car and trailer round. It wasn't easy, but not a lot can resist a tirfor winch with a pulley and a mattock:



With the holes now filled, getting in and out will be a lot easier:



Now for a summer of camping trips! :-)


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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Springtime snow in the woods

This was the scene in the woods a few days ago:


But bizarrely, just a week earlier, I'd taken photos of the signs of Spring emerging, such as leaves on this Elder:


Bluebells making good progress:


And Dog's Mercury growing well:


But the snow had come down, though not as thickly as in some parts of the UK.


I topped up the bird feeder for the small birds, and this pheasant was straight over to collect what I'd spilled...


Not much use to the treecreeper though, which went about its business looking for food in an oak tree:


Of course, not all the animals in wood get on together, I found a trail of blood in the snow too. Well, at least someone didn't go hungry...


The snow's melted now, so hopefully the progress towards Spring can resume shortly...


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