Sunday, 15 June 2008

Charcoal results, and selling logs

Well, it worked! Here's the proof:
When we had a look in the kiln most of the wood around the edge had burned up:
I carefully tipped the drum over and slid out the smaller one with the charcoal in it:
Certainly made enough for a BBQ next weekend, and it'll be nice to cook on fuel made from our own sustainably grown wood, with zero transport distance, rather than imported charcoal made from a faraway rainforest...

The big job today though was meeting our latest customer. They turned up with a tractor and trailer, and took two 3-tonne loads away:
It'll be used to heat a nearby pub and a couple of homes in the coming winter. There's one more load to go some time in the next week or so.

Back to growing things.... grass has started to sprout in the rides inside the wood!
and the pond is almost luminous, it's so green:
lots of bubbles again, trapped by the film on the surface of the pond:
The film is thick enough for insects to walk on, and loads of flies have moved in. That's good, they can be food for dragonflies and other things.
There's also a plant growing under the water - not sure yet if this is by accident, or if it really is an aquatic plant that got here somehow, perhaps on the foot of a deer or boar?
I'm in London a lot this week, so no more posts till Sunday now, when there will be lots of news from camping up there with my mates (hope the weather holds...)


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