Sunday, 21 September 2008

Bridge building

In Sweep Wood there's a substantial winter stream, formed largely by water draining from an adjacent stream. As my Dad has marked out a path through the wood which crossed it, he wanted a bridge of some sort for use in the winter.

Here's the stream, which is dry at present on the surface, though if you dig down just a short distance you quickly find water:
Having picked the crossing place we staked a couple of large logs in place, one on the flat side:
and the other on a steep bank:
Here's my Dad and his friend Brian putting the stakes in:
One that was done we used some chestnut rails I'd cleaved to bridge the gap, using the side axe to make notches in the logs at each end for them to sit in.
The rails were then screwed down to hold them in place. We could still do with a few more rails to make the bridge wider, and a further step on the steep bank, but it does the job for now, as proved by my Dad:
and also by by brother Andy and his wife Rachel:

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