Sunday, 9 November 2008

Rye Fawkes - bonfire night 2008

Last night was Rye Fawkes - Rye's bonfire night celebration. As usual it was a huge event, and I've got some pictures and a couple of videos to show you.

We watched from the east end of Cinque Ports Street, so we were fairly near to the field where the bonfire and fireworks were going to be. The parade itself follows quite a long loop around Rye before it gets to the bonfire. Here's the crowds in the street waiting for it all to start:
And here's some pics of the parade, and then a video:
(If the video is jerky, pause it and let it download before playing)

The field with the bonfire was a quagmire, but we had boots on. After a while the parade caught up with us, arriving with a red flare leading the way. They used the torches they were carrying to light the bonfire, and then the fireworks started (If the video is jerky, pause it and let it download before playing):

Here's a still picture of the fire. It got going better later on, but it also started to rain a bit, so I didn't bother getting the camera back out for it.
Overall it was a good night, despite the bit of rain that came towards the end. If you missed them, here's the video and pictures from the 2007 Rye Fawkes.


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