Tuesday, 27 January 2009

After the wind and rain

On Monday it finally stopped raining, so Paul and Penny came to the wood to help with some more coppicing (and to eat the venison casserole that they brought)
After all the rain, our little woodland stream was flowing nicely. I wish it was there in the summer too! We did a quick check of the wood and there was no visible wind blow.
First jobs first - get the lunch cooking. Paul lit the fire using a fire steel and a piece of cotton wool. It lit first go!
Then the work began, I spent an hour carrying logs down the track, ready to sell at the allotment while Paul took out his frustrations on a tree!
Paul and Penny got a good amount of coppicing done along the ride, every bit of sunlight helps!
Rosie and Harvey had a really busy day running around madly - poor Rosie wore herself out!
All the bird food I had left out has gone, so I replenished it and in seconds the robin was back. Lovely to be in the wood again!


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