Sunday, 8 March 2009

New birds and a mole

We're in the middle of moving house, but we found time to go up and sit in the wood for an hour and light the kelly kettle for a coffee. We saw several new birds today. First was a Jay - we knew they were in the wood as we'd found a feather in the past, but this was the first time we'd seen one, although only fleetingly.
Next up was a Chaffinch (I think - feel free to correct me) - a common bird, but not one I've noticed in the wood before. He was fluttering from branch to branch in the oaks, looking for insects I assume:The old favourites were around too, such as the Great Tit:and the Robin, feeding at the freshly filled bird feeder:
OK, trying to feed...
We also found a mole had been digging a tunnel under one of our rides! It links up to the one we found a week ago.
Things are changing fast at this time of year. Here's a picture of willow buds we took a week ago:
and here's one from today:
I expect leaves to be appearing soon....


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