Sunday, 24 May 2009

More bats in the wood

Earlier this week we went up to the wood for dinner with our friends John and Helen, who live just opposite us. After dinner we settled round the camp fire and once it was dark got the bat detector out. We heard and saw far more bats than last time, we think there were at least three at once feeding in the coupe we cut two years ago. Perhaps there are more insects there than in other parts of the wood? Or maybe it's just easier to hunt there, with fewer large trees in the way at the moment?

Anyway, here's a video. You might want to watch it in high quality mode, so it will take a bit longer to download, but if you look carefully you'll see the bats silhouetted against the fading light in the sky - watch out for them when the bat box is making more noise.

Talking of night-flying creatures, we also saw three Puss Moths outside our front door, two of them mating:

That's all for now, but we have some exciting news about the bird box we put up coming shortly...


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