Friday, 24 July 2009

Friends on the beach and in the wood

This week we had our friends the Clarkes visiting. I went to Oasis Trust college with Louise in the early nineties and then we shared a room in Cyprus for months. It was brilliant to see her whole family after spending very little time with them for 13 years! Really good to get to know their kids too. Lauren in the pictures is our friend from Rye, meeting the Clarkes.

We had a brilliant time on the beach, running from the tide coming in!

and trying to build castles that could withstand the sea. (not successfully!)
Naturally we spent time in the wood too. Tina, Jeff and Emma joined us too. Tina had also attended Oasis Trust with us, so it was a brilliant reunion with all the families that have developed since we were 20! Here is Jeff doing his continuing professional development. ;-)
While we watch!

Louise preparing wood for the winter, while Kezziah builds a house in the background.

I love the novel way the kids kept the smoke out of their eyes with the chainsaw helmet!

and the whole motley crew. Can you spot the ones that thought this was the silly photo?
Can't wait to see you all again soon!


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