Thursday, 13 August 2009

Wild boar video!

At last the trail camera has paid off! We got a film this week of a wild boar in the "mud bath" they use in my parents' wood, next door to ours.

I've started the video with a few seconds taken during daylight (with nothing there) to set the scene, and put the same clip at the end as well. This helps because the footage was actually taken at around 2am, so the camera is in infra-red mode. You can see the boar wandering around looking for stuff in the mud, and also make out its eyes reflecting the infra-red illumination from the camera.

Next time I'll position the camera a bit lower down, and hopefully get a better view that way, as the main area of illumination was above the boar in this video.



Jo Walton said...

Wow, how exciting! Are you sure it's not a regular pig though?! I remember eating wild boar as a child in France and it was delicious so maybe you can set a trap next time (joke).

Looking forward to seeing your woods!


Mike Pepler said...

Definitely a boar - they're well known to be in the area, and we've seen a dead one before with proper tusks (it had been run over).


La Ferme de Sourrou said...

Great to be able to set this camera up in the woods - thanks for the video.

Are there many wild boars where you are ?

Mike Pepler said...

We think there are quite a few, given the amount of digging we see in the winter. Some people have seen several piglets together as well.