Saturday, 26 September 2009

Back to the woods...

Last weekend was the first time in what seems like ages that I actually got up to the woods. Tracy was still at Bentley Woodfair, so I cycled up and did a few odd jobs and walked around to see what's happening there. I found this cool fungi growing in a ride:
I think it's an Orange Birch Bolete, but I' not confident enough to eat it...

A little further along was this leaf hanging from from some spider silk:
Nothing odd about that - but this one was actually anchoring the bottom of a spider web! I guess the spider made the web while the leaf was still up the tree, and has carried on using it now it is dangling.

A couple of other things - the spring has dried up this summer, and this is all that's left of the pond right now:
However, this gives us an opportunity to dig it out a bit.

The other thing is the squirrels are very much in evidence:
My parents are visiting for a few days now, so we'll be up in the woods and I'll have more to write about.


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