Sunday, 25 October 2009

Update for the week...

Just a few odds and ends from last week....

The coppicing is going well, though we think that we may not get the whole strip we are working on done this winter, in which case we'll go as far as we can and cut it next winter as well. One of the big things that takes time is the fact that there's so much Hazel, which takes a lot longer to process than Chestnut. Tracy's been spending a lot of time with loppers and a billhook working on it:
Looking back up the hill, there's a nice big area opening up now:
One of the Hazel stools felled last week was leaning over Francis' farmyard next door. I felled the trees into it, and left him the logs, while he kindly disposed of the brash. You can see the trees to the right of this picture:
and here they are gone:
In other parts of the wood, Tracy's been converting old milk bottles into tree guards for oak regeneration:
and the pond is filling back up with the recent rain:
The rain has also prompted ever more fungi to fruit:
Sorry I don't know their names...

That's all for now. We're working in the wood for a couple of days this week, then I have to go back to the day job full time for a few weeks...


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