Saturday 4 September 2010

Rye Raft Race 2010

Last weekend we went to the Rye Raft Race, on the River Rother. Here's a few pics (from my mobile phone, so not great quality...).

The launch area was downstream from the road bridge, alongside the quay. Here's some of the rafts getting ready to launch:

"Thrust 5", along with "Atlas Business Park", had a petrol engine on the back, not to move the raft but to power a water jet for combat during the race!

Some took it pretty seriously, while other rafts were more decorative.

The top end of the course was a buoy near the road bridge:

Most rafts completed several laps, though I think this one only managed one...

While most of the rafts were pretty big, there was also this one, which actually fell apart, and they tied it back together and carried on!

All in all, good fun to watch - make sure you see it next time, end of August 2011.


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