Tuesday 13 September 2011

London to Brighton bike ride 2011

Well, the bike ride was Sunday, and it all went well - despite it lashing down with rain as we set off from Rye! We had a generally dry ride, with quite a bit of sunshine, and completed it with no major problems. It was just under 52 miles in total, and Rob and I did it in just over 4.5 hours of actual cycling, or a bit over 5.5 hours if you include lunch, and other short breaks like stopping to help someone fix a broken chain. Many thanks to Tracy and Ros for driving us there and helping us back as well. And thanks to everyone who sponsored us to raise money for CAP.

I've made a video of the ride using my GoPro camera. The full version is 13 mins and is probably more suited to people who've done the ride themselves, or are going to, and there's also a shorter 6 min version for those who don't want to watch the long one.

Full version:

Short version:


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