Friday, 21 October 2011

More coppicing and a new chainsaw video

Let's start with my latest GoPro video, this time with the camera mounted on my helmet while felling and logging a tree in our wood:

I made a timelapse video on the same day as well, with lots of bustling around to fell trees, burn the brash and process the logs:

The work has already resulted in a rack full of logs, split or striped to start seasoning:

and the Sweep Wood side of the track is now cleared, leaving a Birch and a Sweet Chestnut to grow on a bit:


The recently coppiced on the other side of the track will of course grow up, but we'll keep the strip either side of the track low, so it is lighter and more beneficial for biodiversity.

Next job is over in Alex's wood - pictures to come soon...



Anonymous said...

Love the timelapse! I spent a day at the weekend doing the same but wasnt as quick as you.... :(


Mike Pepler said...

That's probably a couple of hours work compressed into the timelapse...