Saturday, 17 March 2012

Spring 2012 is here!

The wild plum tree at the top of Sweep Wood is flowering, so Spring is definitely here!

DSC_3616 wild Plum tree

Just next to it, Dog's Mercury is carpeting the ground:
DSC_3615 Dog's Mercury

Elder is also coming into leaf:
DSC_3619 Elder

As is the Honeysuckle that's winding its way up the coppice regrowth:
DSC_3620 Honeysuckle

Looks like we're in line for some more Foxgloves in the same area again this summer too:
DSC_3622 Foxglove

Deeper inside the wood, Lords and Ladies plants are well advanced:
DSC_3633 Lords and Ladies

and Bluebells are making progress, though the flowers are some weeks away yet...
DSC_3634 Bluebell shoots

There are some flowers out already though, like this Primrose:
DSC_3629 Wild Primrose

and the first few Wood Anemones are opening:
DSC_3626 Wood Anemone

It's going to be interesting to see what happens to the bare patches where we had logs stored until last summer amongst the regrowth - they're going to be a year behind the rest of the area:

Likewise there's different stuff growing where we'd had small fires to burn up brash, thus sterilising small patches of ground. Moss has been the first to move in:

The trees are busy too, though no leaves yet. There's buds opening on the Willow in the Wayleave:
DSC_3637 Willow bud

and the Hazel trees are covered with Catkins:
DSC_3648 Hazel catkins

We found the remains of an egg (possibly from a Pigeon?), but I suspect it must be from months ago by the look of it.
DSC_3625 Bird egg

Plenty of other bird activity though, with several Robins:

DSC_3656 Robin

a Song Thrush, which is rare in our woods, though where we saw it was near gardens in Sweep Wood. They're actually on the RSPB Red List at the moment...
DSC_3659 Thrush

Best of all, we saw a Great Tit making a nest in a hollow in an old Cherry tree on a field boundary - we knew to look there, as one nested there last year too:
DSC_3651 Great Tit nesting

And finally, here's a nice video Tracy got near home in Rye, of a Little Egret:

That's all for now...


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