Monday, 13 May 2013

Bluebells, and wild boar poo

The Bluebells in the wood are nearing their peak now, a little bit later than 2012 and a lot later than 2011, thanks to the cold Spring. Here's a few pics, click each one for options to view larger versions in Flickr if you like, or click here to go to my Flickr photostream.

DSC_6525 Bluebells

DSC_6522 Bluebells

DSC_6521 Bluebells

DSC_6530 Bluebells

There's still the odd patch of Wood Anemone lurking around as well:
DSC_6536 Bluebells

The leaves on the Sweet Chestnut coppice are coming on really well now, doubling in size in less than a week:
DSC_6517 Sweet Chestnut leaves

Meanwhile, the wild boar have been busy digging:
DSC_6534 wild boar digging

DSC_6539 wild boar digging

This time they even left some droppings as a calling card!
DSC_6538 wild boar droppings

Although the bird feeder obviously got a lot of use during winter, it then got used less as Spring arrived, but is busy again now - I'm guessing that as the adults have chicks to feed, or will do soon, they are keen to get any easy food they can! Here's a Chaffinch at our feeder - we don't see these too often in the woods.
DSC_6543 chaffinch

The Chaffinch was knocking some seeds out, and this Pheasant crept up underneath the feeder to gather them up...
DSC_6546 pheasant in woodland

It's great to finally be away from winter, let's hope the jet stream behaves and we get a better summer this year...


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