Monday, 14 October 2013

Spider webs, a broken chain and a coppicing milestone

Last week I reached a milestone! I've now cut enough wood for winter 2015/16! I'll still cut some more, so there's a bit spare in case of hard winters or friends wanting to buy an occasional load in a couple of years' time, but it's good to know the minimum is now done.

But perhaps more interesting is how the spider webs look now that there's dew in the mornings!

DSC_7237 spider web

DSC_7233 spider web

DSC_7228 spider web

These trees were full of them! Now I see why there are so many running around after I've felled a tree - I guess they are all suddenly looking for a new home...
DSC_7225 spider webs

DSC_7226 spider webs

I had a little mishap as well - a chainsaw chain snapped, the first time I've seen this happen. It wasn't dangerous - there's a couple of bits on the saw to deal with this happening and I use a short bar when coppicing so there's not much chain anyway. It just made a metallic noise and ended up on the floor in front of me...
DSC_7242 broken chainsaw chain

DSC_7243 broken chainsaw chain

Anyway, here's a couple of views of the area I've been coppicing:
DSC_7247 coppicing

DSC_7254 coppicing

And here's our 2015/16 home heating:
DSC_7252 coppicing


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